Quick four-directional blast to vents Fresh and moisture-free air

Take care of the humidity in your home!

This product sucks in and removes humidity from indoors to dehumidify the air, turning it soft, fresh, and moisture-free.

One can set the desired humidity to 30–70% and the indoor humidity will automatically adjust to the set level. Under the autooperation mode, it will maintain the optimal humidity (40–60%).

Enjoy fresh air-around the clock!

It will remove minute dust, harmful germs, and foul odors from indoor air and purify it.

Take care of your health with pleasant air!

This product removes all kinds of harmful elements (all kinds of viruses, germs, molds, etc.) from the air indoors, making it more pleasant.

What is a plasma ionizer?

It is a plasma ion module that generates anion to decompose and remove harmful germs from the positive ions in the air.

If you can’t wash the filter, it’s useless!

This product automatically notifies users when the filter needs to be replaced. Also, the filter can be washed for clean and hygienic use.

Technical Specifications

Area to be used in (m2) – CA certified 28.7
Dehumidification capacity (ℓ/day) 15
Deodorization efficiency 93%
Plasma Ionizer ● (Yes, it has.)
Filter specifications 3M H11 HEPA Filter (with antivirus), CD Filter (deodorization)
Color Twilight White & Black
Weight(Kg) 20
Dimensions (mm) W×D×H 366 × 309 × 794
Stuffing BOX 140 Units(20ft Cont.) / 290 Units(40ft Cont.) / 290 Units(40HQ Cont.)
Energy consumption efficiency Class 1