Enjoy fresh air all year round wth this air purifier! Safer and more powerful.
Air purifier PAP-145W, Don't let your child breathe polluted indoor air.
Smooth white-colored body design
More powerful 2+1 purifying features.
Plasma Ionizer features plasma ion that can purify the air.

Air Purifier PAP-145W

Don’t let your child breathe polluted indoor air. We will create air that is naturally fresh.
Most people spend 80–90% of their time indoors. Although invisible, can you guarantee that the air and minute particles present are not harmful? Simple ventilation cannot possibly remove minute dust, harmful gases, and yellow dust which are dangerous to health from the air. We will protect you and your family with our L’TOP Air Purifier. This product ensures you that that you and your family will only breathe in fresh air a matter of great importance, but something that you are, unfortunately, not taking care of.

Smooth white-colored body design

Enjoy an elegant white-colored body design, headlined with a trendy metallic silver, and LED lamp. The lamp’s color changes according to the indoor pollution level.

More powerful 2+1 purifying features

The strict two-stage filtering system ensures immediate fresh air, which is secured again by the plasma ionizer

Plasma Ionizer Features plasma ion that can purify the air

This product generates plasma ions to remove all kinds of harmful elements (all kinds of viruses, germs, molds, etc.) from indoor air, turning it more pleasant—around the clock.
What is a plasma ionizer? It is a plasma ion module that generates anion to decompose and remove harmful germs from the positive ions in the air.

Technical Specifications

Area to be used in (㎡) – CA certified 49.1
Deodorization efficiency 93%
Plasma Ionizer ● (Yes, it has.)
Filter specifications 3M H11 HEPA Filter(With antivirus feature), CD filter (deodorization)
Color Twilight White
Weight (kg) 8
Dimensions (mm) W×D×H 436 × 264 × 580
Stuffing BOX 230 Units(20ft Cont.)
480 Units(40ft Cont.)
600 Units(40HQ Cont.)
Energy consumption efficiency Class 2