L’TOP Air purifier

Don’t let your child breathe polluted indoor air.
We will create air that is naturally fresh.

Most people spend 80–90% of their time indoors. Although invisible, can you guarantee that the air and minute particles present are not harmful?
Simple ventilation cannot possibly remove minute dust, harmful gases, and yellow dust which are dangerous to health from the air. We will protect you and your family with our L’TOP Air Purifier. This product ensures you that that you and your family will only breathe in fresh air a matter of great importance, but something that you are, unfortunately, not taking care of.

L’TOP Air purifier

A safer and more powerful air purifier!
Now, you can safely enjoy fresh air with L’TOP.

As a catalyst that decomposes pollutants, such as formaldehyde—an element that causes sick house syndrome,even under indoor lighting—it boasts of good adhesion, allows formation of a powerful coating film, does not suppress photocatalyst activity, and does not cause equipment corrosion after spraying + application. In addition, the catalysts are not consumed and can be semipermanently used for long-lasting effects.

L’TOP Air purifier

Quick four-directional blast to vents
Fresh and moisture-free air

L’TOP Dehumidifier

Our house is moisture-free,
even during the damp rainy seasons!

L’TOP Dehumidifier

Take care of your house’s humidity
by adjusting the air volume with
automatic dehumidification!